Saint Rita Orphanage, Sucat,Parañaque City envisions a secured Godly home where the family of administrator and staff live in love for the total development of the less fortunate abandoned children to grow in grace, in age and wisdom before God and man.


To achieve this mission, we commit to the following:
  1. Patient and loving administration and staff to the orphans
  2. Assess and address the needs of each child
  3. Imbibe mutual trust and fair treatment for each child
  4. Create prayerful ambiance, trust in the Divine Providence and maternal devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  5. Foster real home and family atmosphere with authentic parental attitude towards all children
  6. Facilitate a network with the DSWD to look for their adoptive parents
  7. Structure a balance and attainable total development program for the orphanage

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"Nobody is so poor he nothing to give, and nobody is so rich he has nothing to receive."-Pope John Paul II

Practice social concern in your life and teach your family the value of love and care. Support our orphans by sharing your blessings or by celebrating your life's precious moments with them such as birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

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